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Restore Outlook 2013 Emails
If a rebuild, restore or update fails, you can recover your data, as long as Outlook for Mac stores it in the Data Records folder, in your old identity folder Outlook located at the location ~ / Documents / Microsoft User Data / Office 2013 Identities / Main Identity / Data Records Resolution If you restored your identity from Time Machine or another backup copy and the reconstruction failed, or if you updated Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 to Service Pack 2 (SP2) 14.2.1 and lost information, you can restore your data from your old identity. Update to Service Pack 2 (SP2) 14.2.1.Create an empty SP2 identity.Close Outlook.Copy the following folders from the Data Records directory of your old identity to the new identity and replace the new folders. Do NOT replace the Data Records root folder, but only the subfolders listed below:ContactsEventsFoldersMail AccountsMessage AttachmentsMessage SourcesPostsNoteSignaturesSignature AttachmentsSelect Rebuild … in the Microsoft Database Utility.Start Outlook. Your information should normally be displayed. Create an identity Start Microsoft Database Utility . The default location is / Applications / Microsoft Office 2011 / Office /.You can also open Microsoft Database Utility if you close Outlook. To do this, hold down the Option key and click the Outlook icon in the dock.Create a new identity: Click the + sign, then type a name for the new identity. Set an identity as the default identity Start Microsoft Database Utility.Click on the identity of your choice.Click the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window and select Set as default. Rebuild the Outlook database Start Microsoft Database Utility.Click on the database identity of your choice, then click Rebuild.Note : before rebuilding a database, Microsoft Database Utility creates a backup copy of your database and moves it to a folder located under / Users / [user name] / Documents / Microsoft user data / Office 2011 Identities /. The backup copy indicates the date and time of creation. You can delete this identity after successful rebuilding. How to restore outlook 2013 emails on Mac without Using Time Machine If you are looking for an automatic way to backup outlook email on Mac, then you can opt for a third-party tool. There have been many tools that can back up Outlook mac, but most professional tools have a problem that is difficult to use and very expensive. That’s by InventPure has designed the first professional tool that is easy to use and also affordable for everyone....
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The safety of the data files can be fully taken care of in the process to restore Outlook 2013 if it is taken up via InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X! This tool provides the perfect defense against all sorts of threats like data loss, data modification, etc. One can fully rely on the safety arrangements of this tool as it comes from a superbly reliable background. The tool provides extra protection for the backup profile in the process to restore Outlook 2013 via features like integrated FTP client, mirror backup, and the like. The users can therefore relax in absolute sense with its splendid technology. Why choose the Mail backup X to restore Outlook 2013 Choosing Mail Backup X to restore Outlook 2013 Mac turns out to be an exemplary choice for every user. Let us illustrate this by way of describing the excessively simple steps that lead to the setting up of backup profile and thus eventual backup and restore Outlook 2013 Mac process. Precise guidelines on ‘how to restore Outlook 2013 emails’ without any hiccups Mail Backup X has a very vivid process to restore Outlook 2013 emails. The highly intuitive interface makes it simple for the users to glide through the journey hassle-free. And the 24*7 customer care support can always be approached in the hour of need. Here are the steps that the users need to follow to impeccably backup and restore Outlook 2013 emails: Step 1: The journey begins with the download of the tool. The users can setup the tool on theor systems by following the under mentioned steps: Open the setup wizard.Click on continue on the first page of the interface.Choose the location precisely as per the needed disk space.Click on continue.Let the installer check the disk space.Click on install.Enter the system password and complete the process.Launch the tool on the screen to begin the journey to backup and restore Outlook 2013 emails. Step2: The first page of the interface displays three different pathways for the users. They must carefully choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’. Step 3: Now the tool displays several names of different mail clients. The user’s job is to carefully choose the Outlook profile. Step 4: A list of files and folders starts displaying on the screen. This stage is important in order to finalize the list of items that have to be backed up. This can be done...
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