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Mozilla Thunderbird Backup
Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most widely used free and open source email management applications. It is a cross platform email client created by the Mozilla foundation. It stores data in MBOX format which is widely accessible through multiple platforms. We know that emails are the most widely used communication method around the world. If you are a user who is using Thunderbird with the IMAP setting, you might need to clear out some data from your email account from time to time to release space. Now the best way to unload your server is backup Mozilla thunderbird emails. Thunderbird has the option of exporting to local folders so that when you delete the files from the servers, you still have the data with you. This is the good thing about using thunderbird. Unlike outlook, it stores its data where it really should be. It stores its profile data and other info in profile folders. How to backup Mozilla thunderbird emails? In this article we are going to discuss how we can backup and restore Mozilla thunderbird safely. Even though thunderbird is a great email client, it does not come with a built in backup feature so if we want to backup Mozilla thunderbird emails, we are going to need a Mozilla thunderbird backup tool. There is a manual method to backup Mozilla thunderbird but manual methods need a little expertise and involve a certain risk with it. If you miss out a single step or are unable to copy an important file, you might not get the results that you want. However, we are going to discuss both the methods to backup Mozilla thunderbird emails. First we are going to discuss how to backup Mozilla thunderbird emails manually First of all, you need to find the location of the profile directory. The tool keeps its user data in a dispersed directory from the main installation one. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find. You can then copy, save and migrate files that you want. The copied files can be located in the profile directory. You can find this from the main menu. Click “Help”>>”Problem resolution”. In the next dialogue box, click “Display folders” on the first tab and then you can see a window which lets you explore in the profile directory. Find the folder, close the application and then copy all content then save in another location in a removable storage device. If you are...
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