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Backup 365 Emails
Here you will find out how to export emails from Outlook 365 so that you can save your Outlook 365 online data to your computer whenever you want. It is known that Outlook 365 is a subscription-based cloud email service, it becomes essential to know how to export email from Outlook 365 to PST or any other format which can be stored on your hard drive. Since MS outlook doesn’t give you a single click way to export emails from Office 365, you need to take support of a few methods which are going to be discussed in detail right here. You have landed at the right spot if your goal is to learn how to export emails from Outlook 365 to hard drive. How to export Outlook 365 emails – here are the available methods The best automatic method to export Outlook 365 emails to hard drive What if we told you that you don’t have to learn how to export emails from Outlook 365 in order to successfully do so? Directly export emails from Outlook 365 in simple steps (Recommended solution) Mail backup X by InventPure is the best way to export Outlook 365 emails without affecting the uniqueness of your Outlook 365 mailboxes. This automatic solution has been developed after considerable research about quality of solutions that modern email users require. Even though there are a lot of options that offer to help you export emails from Outlook 365, this is the best one. It is developed with powerful algorithms which ensure that you are able to preserve the originality of your email mailboxes. It comes with a set of brilliant features which ensure unmatched performance for all email users regardless of their experience. Let us find out how to export emails from Outlook 365 with this automatic Outlook 365 backup solution Step 0: Download and install Mail backup X application Step 1: Launch Mail backup X application by double clicking on the tool icon Step 2: You will see the first window where you will find the option to setup a new backup profile. Click on setup new backup option and you will be taken to the next window. Step 3: This is the window where you have to choose your preferred email service which you want to backup. You will be able to see the different email services which are supported by Mail backup X....
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If you know how to take email backup from Office 365, you will be securing your Office 365 mailboxes to a greater extent than before. Let us find out the best way to backup email from Office 365 with an automatic method which works on both Mac and windows Automatically backup email from Office 365 with incremental backupsSet up personalized backups according to your Office 365 backup needsMilitary grade encryption for your Office 365 mailbox backupsAutomatic portable USB backups for allAdvanced data compression algorithms to save up to 3X space in your storage deviceWorks on both MacOS and Windows without any compatibility issuesBackup email from Office 365 and other email servicesInbuilt email conversion feature for all usersSmart backup and resume feature for flawless backupDirectly restore Office 365 email mailbox backup to live mailboxPreserves all email content within mailboxesBackup emails remotely with team versionDouble layer encryption for your mailbox backupConstant support and updates for all users Wondering what to do next? Get the free trial of Mail backup X to find out more about the tool! Get it right here. How to take email backup from Office 365? There are two ways to backup emails from Office 365. First, we are going to explore the traditional manual method which is built in with Office 365 email application. This is how to backup email from Office 365 with the manual method with Outlook application We are going to use the Outlook application to backup Office 365 emails. Step 1: Launch the Outlook application Step 2: Go to File>> Open & Export >> Import/Export Step 3: A pop up window with various options will appear. Click on Export to a file. Hit Next. Step 4: Click on Outlook data file (.PST) from the available options and click on Next Step 5: You will now be asked to choose the email folder that you want to backup. Once you have done so, click on next. Step 6: Now you will be asked to choose location where you want to store your Office 365 backup. Once you have chosen the location and given a name to the backup, click on the finish button.   Your Office 365 backup will be stored in the form of PST file in the location of your choice. These are the steps to backup emails from Office 365 manually. You can backup one folder at a time and there are...
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If you want to take backup of Office 365 emails, you must have already searched for available solutions. There are a lot of online tools that claim to help you take backup of Office 365 mailbox, However, there are a lot of things that you need to learn about the process of email backup and recovery before you make the right choice. What is the importance of email backup and recovery? Email backup has always been an inseparable part of email management. Email users who do not want to lose their email data for any reason often backup their email files. Today we are living in an age of increasing cyber-crime and some users don’t even trust cloud based services completely. This is why an offline backup of the database is sometimes essential to ensure that nothing can happen to your email data. You can also restore these backups whenever you wish. This is why users have been searching for safe and reliable methods of email backup and recovery. How to take backup of 365 emails: Explained If you want to know how to take backup of 365 emails, you should know everything about the process so that you do not make any mistakes. Email data is the foundation of all business communication. This is why you need to be certain before making the final choice. Let us look at the available options for email backup and recovery. How do users take backup of Outlook 365 emails? Most email users these days use third party tools for the process of Office 365 email backup and recovery. Third party tools are preferred for Office 365 email backup and recovery since they are more reliable and come with additional safety features. The main task for users is finding the right tool. Is there anything specific that you should keep in mind? If you are someone who is dealing with personal or professional email data that you cannot afford to lose, you should avoid free and website based tools. You should always go for professional tools which are certified to protect your email database. Professional tools are crafted to protect your email database during the process of email backup and recovery. Let us now discuss how to find the right professional tool. How to choose the best way to take backup of 365 mails? Choosing a professional tool can be difficult too since...
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