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Archive Gmail Emails
Finding archived emails is one of the common problems faced by Gmail users. They may have accidentally archived an email themselves. Both those who are new to the service and those who have time with the account, but who are discovering this problem for the first time, should not immediately panic. After all, the important message that was archived can still be recovered. Even if you are not seeing it in your Inbox because it is archived, the message still exists. What is archived email? Of all the email applications that a person can use, Gmail is one of the most popular options. This is a free email service offered by Google. Through Gmail, you can not only send and receive emails, it also can store messages, as well as search for specific messages. With Gmail, successive messages related to each other will automatically be arranged in a conversational thread. By default, this email service is configured to archive messages rather than delete them. This means that even if you can’t see the message in the Inbox, you can still search for it. Archiving email means that messages are stored in the Archive folder, while Delete means moving messages to the Trash folder. A good analogy for archiving is when you have document folders (messages) archived in a filing cabinet (File Folder). When you have accidentally filed in Gmail When archived, the message is not seen in the Inbox. Your inbox will not be saturated with messages you have already read. The good news is that even when you can’t see it in the inbox, the message still exists and you can search for it. There are several cases when an email is accidentally filed. One of them is when you are trying to move the messages to a folder but they are accidentally archived. The archive folder is different from gmail archive folders where there is a tag that you can go to immediately when you want to gmail archive folders. However, you have intentionally archived a message. For example, you may have received an email with important personal information. Rather than moving the message to a user-added folder, archiving it is a more convenient and secure way to keep that message. How to find an email archived in Gmail In fact, there is no FILE tag in Gmail. For novice users of such an application, it can be difficult to...
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Gmail, Google’s email account, allows you to send, receive and manage email messages. By saving emails on your computer you don’t need to have to enter Gmail to access the message. Also, you can recover the email if you accidentally delete it online or close your account. One of the most enigmatic functions in Gmail is the Archive function. Its name does what it says, but its objective, a prior, is not clear. Why archive Gmail emails if they are all in the Inbox, conveniently hosted in the cloud? And once filed, where do they end up? Its purpose is different but at the same time similar to Delete, which also removes messages from the inbox. Let’s take a look at Gmail’s Archive feature, to find out what it’s for, and where emails are archived in Gmail. We will also show the differences between deleting and archiving emails. How to archive an email In Gmail, deleting an email consists of sending it to the Trash bin . It will remain there for 30 days, then disappears permanently. Archiving an email consists of deleting it from the Inbox and any other Gmail tray, but it is not deleted. An important fact is that this message will reappear in the inbox if someone responds. To archive an email, right-click on the message and choose Archive : How to retrieve archived messages The archived emails are deleted from the inboxes and do not go to any specific site. But they appear in searches. Therefore, if you want to recover an email archived in Gmail, from which you remember the name or a word, just search for it in the Gmail search engine: And what do you do if you do not remember the messages you had on file? Gmail marks them with the label everyone. So you just have to go to the left column of Gmail, click on the more arrow to show all the trays and labels, and select All: The Manual method is a very time-consuming process and maybe it does not restore your all deleted mails, so for better results, you can download the Mail Backup X tool.  How to backup Gmail emails with attachments By Using Mail Backup X Software? Which app can help me back up Mails from Gmail / Yahoo / POP / IMAP on Mac?Is there a disaster recovery app for Mails from Gmail / Yahoo / POP /...
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