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Backup Outlook Windows
As you know that MS Outlook is the most favored desktop e-mail client application, it saves a copy of the user’s mailbox data on the local computer, aside from the original one that is stored on the e-mail server. In fact, depending on the email download protocol (IMAP or POP3), the original email messages may or may not be found on the server, once they are downloaded to your computer. Anyway, a copy of each original email message is still available in your mailbox. But, the name of the local copy of the outlook data file is Outlook.pst, which is located in the default installation folder of your computer. If you still have a Windows OS based machine, you can find it in the following location: C: / Documents and settings /username/ local Settings / application data / Microsoft / Outlook / In contrast, the location of the Outlook file.pst on Windows 7 C: / Users /username/ AppData / Local / Microsoft / Outlook / Where username is the name of the user account on your PC that you are logged on to. You should ask yourself if the mailbox data is stored on the local computer, then they should be under unauthorized user access threats, viruses or malware infections and other random problems that cause database corruption. Well, you’re absolutely right in that Outlook file.PST stored locally can get corrupted due to virus infection and many other causes. With this publication, we will clarify many different ways in which you can back up your Outlook mailbox data, and you can choose any of the following efficient and safe ways: Manual backup To protect your Outlook data file (that is, Outlook.pst), you can back up manually, as follows: Follow the location of the PST file as mentioned above.Right-click the Outlook file.pst is located in the location according to your operating system and then chooses Copy from the context menu.Now, go to a safe location on your computer or an external disk and paste it there.If it requests for administrator permission, enter the password required to allow. How to backup windows outlook emails? First you need to install MAIL BACKUP X Software? Once you have Downloaded the Dmg file, follow the below mentioned steps. 1. In the first step, double click on the DMG file to Launch the setup Wizad.  2. Now click on tab Continue to proceed to next step. 3....
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