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Creating a Postbox archive is much easier than what was previously thought, especially with the introduction of InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X!   Mail Backup X is a tool that has an innate power to capture all the essential aspects of the process of Postbox archive without any exceptions. More importantly, it has a smooth process that has been curated to cater to the needs of each kind of user, beginner to expert. Thus, with this tool in hand, one can expect fully functional backup/archive in place, as and when needed. Why do you need this tool? The idea behind creation of this software has been to provide the users an option to build an unbreakable shield for the mailing data. Whether it is the text files or the attachments, this tool safeguards every bit of data contained on the files. With its super apt algorithms, this tool rebuilds even the trickiest of the elements namely non-English content, graphics, logos, and the like. Thus, one gets to have backup of the files so refined that even they can’t differentiate between the originals and the archived versions. The next segment discusses the fundamental use of this tool in the process of Postbox archive folder. Read on to understand why it is utmost important to proactively take this tool home today itself! Increase the resistance power of your data with this method for creating ‘Postbox archive’! Building Postbox archive emails with Mail Backup X ensures that nothing is left behind. With regular methods listed online, the users often experience lapses in the form of partial archives, corrupted files, etc. But with this tool in hand, the users are guaranteed to have absolute archives of the data files in place with 100% information restored. But this is not the only reason which advocates the use of this tool for Postbox archive process. Reasons that the users must put under review to choose Mail Backup X for ‘Postbox archive’! Increases resistance power of the data: This simply means that the data remain safe with more than one security feature on this tool.The Integrated FTP server client ensures that the data gets uploaded on a secure FTP server on a regular basis. Certainly, the users get to have instant access to their data files, if required.The backup options such as integrated backup are meant to secure the data as and when it arrives. Additional security...
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