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If you want to find out how to archive Hotmail emails but you don’t know how to do it, you are at the right place. There are not many ways to securely archive Hotmail emails so it is not really easy to find a real solution that works. Even though there are a lot of options out there, it is complicated to find that exact tool that works for you. Fortunately, you are going to find the solution that you need, right here. Mail Backup X – Archive Hotmail emails to your computer Mail backup X is a professional solution to securely archive Hotmail folders without corrupting them. It was designed after years of research about what works and what doesn’t. The developers have eliminated all the risks associated with email management with this tool. You don’t need any experience to create archives with it since it is pretty self-explanatory to use it. The tool offers a wizard-based interface which makes the process smooth for anyone Let us find out how you can use this tool to archive Hotmail anytime you want.  Step by step method to archive Hotmail email messages The first thing you need to do is download and install Mail backup X software. Step 1: After successful installation of the tool, you have to just open the application by double clicking on the Mail backup X icon Step 2: You will find yourself on the first window where you will get the option to setup a new backup profile. You have to click on it and your backup process will be taken to the next step. You can also go to the left panel where you will find the “My backup profiles” section. Click on setup a new backup now. Step 3: You will find yourself on the third window where you are asked to choose the email service that you are using. Since Hotmail is now outlook, you will choose the Outlook option and proceed. Your Hotmail account should be integrated with Outlook application. Step 4: This is the next step where you are shown the complete contents of your Hotmail email mailboxes. You will be shown all your email folders in an organized format. This is so that you can choose the folders that you want to backup. You get the option of selective email backup and recovery. You can backup even a single folder...
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The best way to archive Hotmail would be one which is safe and trustworthy. There are many options available out there which promise to archive all Hotmail emails but most of them are not what they seem. If you don’t know how to archive Hotmail, you should not be taking any risks. There are a lot of free Hotmail archive software which promise to teach you how to archive Hotmail. If you want to play it safe, never go for free or mediocre methods because they will not protect your data. The only reliable way is to archive Hotmail with the help of a dedicated professional tool. Mail backup X – The undisputed best tool to archive Hotmail Archive all Hotmail emails with an automated way to keep your data secure Set up automatic incremental backups for maximum efficiencyModify your archiving process according to your needsSet up PDF archiving to have portable Hotmail archives that you can easily shareArchive Hotmail and other email services without any additional plugins or installationsArchive old Hotmail emails without wasting any space due to the advanced compression algorithm that saves up to 3X more space than a regular toolPreserve folder hierarchy while you archive HotmailCompatible with both MacOS and windowsSearch engine that allows you to find any email items within the archivePreserves entire components of your Hotmail mailboxes including all emails, attachments, profile details, folder details, contacts, Unicode files and nested messagesSmart backup and resume to enable uninterrupted backups even in poor connectivityRegular support and updates for all users Don’t know what to do next? Get the free trial of this tool and find out how it really works! Get it right here without wasting any more time. What happens if you try to archive Hotmail manually? There is a manual method to archive Hotmail folders but it has several limitations. First of all, the process is limited to one folder at a time and the speed of it depends upon the size of your folders. The manual method is not failproof and it has failed many times for many users. The manual method needs to be carefully performed since missing even a single step can mean data loss. This is why experts suggest that you avoid it if you are looking for perfect results without any risk of data loss or file modification. So, if you are someone who doesn’t know how to archive...
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