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Office Outlook Email Backup
Microsoft Outlook 2007 is extremely useful software to facilitate the daily management of e-mail (both for private individuals and in the context of corporate business). It has many functions: one of these is the possibility to create, manage and organize in an optimal way the folders in which to keep the received mail and your contacts. In fact, e-mail has become a practically instantaneous method of communication for a long time, capable of satisfying every type of requirement. Sometimes, despite the apparent ease of use of the software, it is possible to come across some little obvious steps regarding knowing how to manage all the e-mails you receive. For this purpose Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows you to create office outlook email backup in which to move the received mail according to the topic or the sender. Therefore This guide will allow you to fully understand the potential of the aforementioned functionality of this email client. So let’s see how to create and manage office outlook email backup 2007 and 2010. How to export Outlook to backup office 365 and 2010, 2011 data If you want to know all the details, do not hesitate: take five minutes of free time and put into practice the instructions on how to export mail from Outlook and office outlook email backup 2010 that you find below. I made the tutorial using Outlook 2016 for Windows and macOS, but the indications in it should be fine even for the older editions of the suite (from 2007 onwards). So, are you ready to put them into practice? Find all the instructions you need right below. Export messages from Outlook If you want to learn how to export mail from Outlook, you need to start the program and click on the yellow File button located at the top left. At this point, select the Open (or Open and export ) item from the left sidebar and, in the screen that opens, click on the Import (or Import/export) button to start the import/export wizard of the Outlook. In the window that opens, select the item Export to a file from the list that is proposed to you and click on the Next button . Then select the Outlook Data File (.pst) format from the formats available for export and click once more on Next . At this point, select the mail folder you want to export (e.g. abc@ email.com ), add the check mark next to the Include subfolders item...
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