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June 26, 2020
You might have come here looking for a Windows email backup tool. You are lucky to be here because here you will find a tool that can backup data from most mail clients. The Mail Backup X by InventPure converts mailboxes from every email solution provider- it functions offline as well, so it is quite convenient for everyone’s usage. It is not only compatible with all major mail clients; it also provides multiple functions in the form of backup software. Manual backup is unarguably not one of the best ways to backup windows email. But the automatic way can be quite demanding too, so it is suggested that you try this software out for its luxury features like incremental backup and inbuilt features. How to backup windows email regularly without spending any time into it? This software can convert mailboxes from all email solution providers. Also, it is capable not only of backing up data but also of archiving them and converting their format whenever needed. Using it not only relieves you of the responsibility of constantly backing up your data but also of providing you respite from various problems involved in it. One also gets one’s share of free inbuilt features like mail converter, ftp client, mail viewer and other facilities. Below is a description of the step-wise process of mail backup with this Windows email backup tool, which you will find quite easy to follow even if you have no prior experience in it. Step1: This step involves downloading this software by clicking on the link provided. Then you have to install it and launch it on your system. Step2: This step would involve the ‘set up a new backup profile’ option. This is the step that would get you started on the email backup and recovery process. Step 3: A number of options would be provided from which you have to choose windows outlook/Microsoft outlook. Click next to continue. Step 4: In this step all the files and folders would be displayed. You would have to choose those that you want to backup and command their backup. You can ignore the files and folders that you want to leave out. Step 5: Here you have to set up the frequency of the backup, type of backup, auto USB sync setting. That was all that was required for you to back up your data when this software is...
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